Thursday, August 27, 2009

21st Cent Gent Intelligence: The Art of the Wet Shave

While speaking with my grandfather during my previous trip back home the subject of shaving came up. I don't know how we got started on the topic, but I happened to mention that I always found it strange that he didn't shave like the rest of us. His tools were different, his technique more time consuming. As for the products he used, good luck finding them at Walgreens. He explained to me that he never could get with the "store bought" potions and lotions, and especially the cartridges and their 5 blade shaving heads. Nope, he rather use a brush to apply his shaving soap, a double edged safety razor, and maybe some Old Spice or Brut to complete the job. Talk about old school!

With a slew of interviews, conferences, and events to attend in the coming months I decided to give my grandad's method a try. I recently purchased a Merkur Double Edge Saftey Razor, a badger brush, a puck of Williams Shaving Soap and a tube of organic after shave by SheaMoisture.

Taking a try-till-perfected approach I discovered why the old man has remained true to this technique. Its simply a better quality shave. First, you're not putting all kinds of chemicals on your face, Williams Shave Soap has ten ingredients all of which I can pronounce. The brush lifts the hairs to the surface making them easier to cut. Three passes with the Merkur and you're good to go. Not to mention its cheaper. A pack of platinum coated blades costs $1.00 and will last you for months. Try getting that kind of mileage out of one those Gillette Fusion monstrosities.

Sometimes the modern gentleman must take cues from the past. Whether it be in courage, style or in this case grooming, there is much to be learned from those who have already traveled the road.