Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to the Basics

One of the most common, if not the most popular New Years Resolution is to get in better shape. The gentleman is not immune to such goal setting as we should all be striving to improve our mind, body and soul. But with so many different workout programs and diets available its easy to get confused and even discouraged from starting a path to fitness.

When looking forward to make changes it is often a wise practice to look back to see what has been effective for others. Whether it be building muscle, losing fat, increasing strength or improving endurance there are some tried-and true methods that have worked for generations. No, these exercises aren't exotic and often don't involve the newest shiny machine in your gym. However, they should be the foundation of any workout program.

Say your New Years goal is to build mass and strength. Nothing beats The Big 3: Bench, Deadlifts and Squats. These 3 exercises release more testosterone than any bicep curl or piece of equipment could ever hope to.

As these old black and white photos of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger show, there's nothing groundbreaking about putting a bar on your shoulders, slapping on some plates and squatting. But that's what worked then and it still works now. The same principles can be applied outside the gym as well. Doing things "the old way" can be rewarding as it often takes practice and skill to master. Technology with all of its advancements has yet to mimmic human determination. The modern gentleman is no technophobe but understands the importance of utilizing lessons from the past in order to accomplish the goals of today.